What you need to Know about Anxiety.
Did you know that being nervous can become a problem that affects your body, mind and eventually disrupt your life? The constant and incessant concern for everything is called anxiety. This anxiety, if care is not taken can become the worst enemy of your inner tranquility
Some of the physical symptoms of anxiety include restlessness, constant fatigue, dry mouth, short breath, trembling and difficulty in concentration. Others include muscle tension and aches, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, or diarrhea. It may also harm the quality and quantity of sleep as it makes you feel so stressed out.
So when you start having so much going on in your mind that you don’t even know if you’ll make it or not, then you have to watch out. You need to bring your mind and body together to uncover your cause of anxiety before it becomes a vicious cycle. This is because the more you think about all those things going on in your mind, the more anxiety increases and it could become a cover for anger.
In life, we all go through phases – both good and bad, but you need to be reminded not to allow what you are going through to overwhelm you. You just have to learn through the phases and make conscious attempts to break the vicious cycle. Anxiety could also be a lifestyle thing too as it has anxiety has triggers (which may be from some specific reasons). In fact, in cases where such anxiety never subsides, it could progress into a generalized anxiety disorder or even an obsessive-compulsive disorder.
The reasons behind anxiety are most times more complex than we think. Hence, it’s important to find out and define the reasons for your anxiety. This will give you clarity and help you learn how to separate the things that need attention from the things that you are not supposed to worry about. It will also help you embrace the process of self-awareness and self-discovery which are prerequisites to overcoming your anxiety.
Remember, it’s not unusual for us to be anxious at one point or the other in lives. However, the moment anxiety takes over, then it’s time to get help!

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