Did you know that in life, the questions you choose to respond to will determine the quality of the answers you receive? Have you ever bothered to ask yourself how much you’re worth?

Irrespective of the answers that come your way, you matter and if only you could see yourself through my eyes, you would realize how much you are worth. So, it’s time to stop belittling yourself or feeling uncomfortable anytime you look at yourself just because you think you’re not being loved or you think you’re overweight. It’s time to change your mindset and actively seek for that love even when you think you can’t find the right person that will be interested in you. It’s time to go out there and feel confident with your body.

Life isn’t a bed of roses, and surely, there always seems to be a valid reason for you not to be happy and to have all you deserve. However, the truth is that what you have can be small now but it can be the beginning of new things in your life if only you know your worth.

Let’s look at it from a perspective which I’m sure you would have experienced several times too. Try to remember a time when you felt so comfortable and confident with yourself. Your skin looked so smooth in the dress, or maybe the jean and a t-shirt you were putting on. You looked at yourself in the mirror and thought: “Hey, not bad”. You went out with friends or your partner, or you just went to work or to the gym, just remember how great it felt to feel good with yourself. Yeah, you’re already reminiscing on it and probably wondering “what has changed now?” and “why you don’t feel like that anymore?”

We can find answers to those pertinent questions if you reflect upon what you used to do for yourself then and what you are doing now. What has changed? Are you taking care of yourself in a different way – maybe?  Are you no longer attending to what drives your passion? Are working for longer hours than before without being productive? Are you where you want to be?

To what extent would you like to feel how you used to feel? With commitment we can do and be whatever we want. I will show you how.

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